Gift Card Issues

 This information may impact gift cards recipients with cards activated earlier than or during November 2023.


Affected cards will not work

As you may have noticed, we have transitioned to a new website to improve functionality and navigation. Unfortunately this change means that customers with gift cards to Paddle Vancouver and Canuck Volleyball will be unable to redeem their gift cards normally.

Due to limitations set by the platform, we cannot reissue current gift cards with previous gift card codes BUT we can reissue gift cards. So in order to redeem, you will require a new gift card code. 


Check your inbox for reissued gift cards

If your gift card was sent digitally, we may have your contact details and you will receive a notification with a NEW gift card code. 


Didn't get anything or have other concerns?

Reach out to us at and please provide the following:


  • Last four characters of your gift card*
  • Name of sender and recipient
  • Approximate remaining card balance 
  • Approximate date receive

This info is needed to track down your card to reissue a new card.


*If we are unable to track your card, we may ask for the full giftcard ID