Returns & Exchanges

Returns or exchanges may be granted for purchases that meet the following conditions:

  • Within 30 days of purchase (at time of refund request)
  • Receipt provided as proof-of-purchase
  • Brand new, untampered and sellable goods
    • ie: Unworn, unopened, untampered, ready-to-sell


Returns are not guaranteed for the following:

  • Requests made past the 30 day return period
  • Requests made with no receipt provided
  • Goods that do not meet criteria for sellable condition


Non-local Returns 

If the item cannot to be returned in-person, you are responsible for shipping the product back and it's associated fees. If the item is lost, the refund will not be approved. We strongly recommend that any granted returns are sent with tracking. 


Defective Goods 

To be eligible for returns or exchanges on used or opened products, the manufacturer must also consider them defective. In addition, your receipt must be provided for proof-of-purchase.

We recommend that if you are unsatisfied with your goods, please reach out to us as soon as possible and we can contact the manufacturer on your behalf. If you require support, please provide:

  • Physical product in-store to inspect (if local)
  • Detailed description and photos showing the issue clearly 
  • Copy of your receipt as proof-of-purchase

Again, even providing all of the outlined information, it's not guaranteed that your product will be considered eligible for returns or exchanges . 



👌We reserve the right to...

  • Refuse return or exchange requests made within 30 days of purchase if it does not meet our criteria for sellable conditions
  • Refuse return or exchange  requests on what you may deem as "defective" if we believe the product was misused, product is functioning as per normal usage and lifespan, etc.
    • ie: "Defective" product would not pass defective eligibility by the manufacturer
  • Refuse service if you are disrespectful to any staff member in-person or in any digital interaction