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We offers custom promotional printing services to meet a variety of needs. The printed products are printed using a solvent based ink for high longevity and water-resistance.

Custom Vinyl stickers

Stickers are a great way to promote your organization or label products for business. Our stickers are offered on white base or clear base-additionally, we have a range of mono-coloured stickers that can be custom cut to your desired shape!

We can provide the following sticker options

  • Weeding, Custom shape and custom die-cut stickers
  • Sticker sheets and stickers on a roll
  • Permanent and semi-permanent options
  • Application transfer paper


Please be advised that our printers print coloured ink only and do not print white bases therefore- we do not offer custom printed special fx stickers such as holographic, glitter etc.

Custom Printed Vinyl Banners

Our custom-printed banners are a sure way to get noticed at events and conventions.

We have the following banner options

  • Trimming and grommet services
  • Custom banner sizes
  • Banners for stands and hanging
  • Outdoor and Indoor options
  • Application transfer paper


PSSST! Our banners make cool table runners too!


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