About | Fabric Sublimation

"Fabric Sublimation" is the process of turning digital artwork into unique printed fabrics for infinite purposes. 



General fabric sublimation process 


Step 1: Printing on special transfer paper
Step 2: Heat pressing to vaporize special water-based sublimation ink into fabric
"Sublimation" is the change of state from solid to gas with no liquid state. Printed paper is dried, solid ink particles. The heat press at a specific temperature instantly vaporizes the ink which is absorbed into the fabric.  


Fabric Sublimation Options


Custom Garments

Our specialty is handcrafted performance team wear but have a catalogue of garments that can be easily customized for clubs and other recreational activities.


This includes

  • Performance wear
  • Casual wear
  • Accessories and more...


Custom Fabrics

We offer a range of fabrics in-house and can source other suitable options if needed.


We can sublimate

👌Some polyester blend fabrics
❌Natural fiber (ie: cotton) *
❌Polyester blends high in natural fiber *

If you prefer to provide your own fabric, we will need extra to test and will only process if it is safe for staff and equipment!


*Note: Natural fiber fabrics (or high natural fiber blends) require different equipment which may be offered in the future! - Stay tuned!


Repeatable pattern

Want custom fabric for sewing or crafting? - We can help! 


Panels only

Have panels but don't need sewing? - We can offer your patterns as a roll-to-roll service. 



Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Oddball Workshop is eco-conscious and committed to sourcing eco-friendly options whenever possible. Ask us about recycled fabric options!



If you're looking for


  • 🌈Full colour custom sublimated fabric using the latest sublimation technology from Japan
  • Stocked ready-to-press fabric and options for sourcing alternatives
  • Sample printing by request at a reasonable cost to ensure satisfaction
  • High-quality digital printing to bring your artwork to life and more....



Share your idea with us - Let's chat! 🦄